DIY Gift Hampers: To Create a Unique Gift

Gift Hampers are the only gift idea for which it is not necessary to know the tastes of the receiver.

Whoever it is and whatever relationship you have with the receiver of your gift, the Christmas baskets are the best way to win their hearts through a Gourmet’s Paradise.

Parents, distant relatives, in-laws, colleagues, customers or employers, the beauty of this gift is that you can modulate it to our liking, depending on the budget available and according to our preferences in terms of tastes. On top of that, all the DIY Gift Hampers are absolutely original.

There are plenty of Gift Hamper’s ready-made, but it is often not easy to choose the right one that convinces us in full. Many are aesthetically very attractive but the content can be disappointing in terms of quality. Others cost a blunder, others still contain one or more products that we know with certainty our loved ones would not like. In short, finding perfect pre-packed Hamper is not impossible but it is often very very difficult, so you’d better make a homemade Gift Hamper.

The perfect DIY gift hamper is truly endless…

First, you need a container,  you could think of something original like a wooden box, a chest or simply an elegant cardboard box, recyclable for any other use.

Theme basket

You can think of a theme basket only if you know perfectly the tastes of the receiver if you know for example that is a lover of chocolate you can go in search of every type of chocolate product coming from every part of the world starting from the excellent Italian chocolatiers.

You could make a pistachio-themed basket, a pistachio’s lover would really flip out in receiving a gift containing a bag of pistachios, panettone, liqueur, biscuits, creams and pesto all strictly based on pistachio.

Does your boss love truffles? Prepare a package packed with truffle preserves including mince, pate, creams, oil and truffle in oil, of course, it will cost you a little but you will certainly hit the target!

There are so many feasible themes, all you have to do is find or make many different (quality) products linked to the main ingredient you choose.

Classic Gift Hamper

If you are not sure that you know the other person’s preferences, it is preferable to prepare a traditional Gift Hamper, which contains various products but not-trivial!

A gastronomic basket should be as complete and varied as possible so as to be able to contain all the ingredients for a complete (festive) meal, by sticking to our budget.

Pasta is definitely a product symbol of Italian gastronomy, the dishes that the receiver will make with this product will gain added value, in the name of well-being and nature.

With pasta, it is necessary to think of one or more condiments that are really special. Even if a tomato paste might seem something banal to you, an excellent handmade tomato paste with no-preservatives is something that will delight who will receive the gift.

You could also choose gourmet condiments as a good pistachio pesto or a fancy Olive Oil Bottle.

As a dessert, a great choice can be some delicious biscuits in fancy packaging or a delicious assorted chocolate box.

A red to accompany the whole meal, sparkling wine or a raisin to accompany the desserts!

Finally, add a personal touch, an object that you can buy or make with your hands that give greater value to your gift, showing the attention you pay to the other person.

If instead everything you’ve read scared you for the time you might need to make a DIY Gift hamper, you can always take a look at our Gift selection, buy the one you prefer, tell us the text of the greeting card that you want to insert and we will arrange to have it delivered in time to the place you will indicate.


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