Aperitivo O’clock Non-Alcoholic Gift Hamper

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Let yourself be overwhelmed by the tasty surprises that our Non-Alcoholic gift basket reserves for you.

J. Asco Ginger Beer 200ml

Our Ginger Beer gets its blonde opalescent colour from the extract of natural ginger. The persistent and unmistakable aroma of the citrus notes make it the ideal mixer for sparkling cocktails. Visit the website for cocktail recipes!

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San Giorgio Sparkling Mineral Water 500ml

Sparkling mineral water from the ancient springs of Mitza Migherli in the province of Cagliari, Italy. The beauty and purity of its natural surroundings remained unchanged still today resulting mineral water that is low in sodium and nitrates, safe for consumption by infants and during pregnancy. A perfectly balance, healthy sparkling mineral water.

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Bruschetta La Superiore - Bruschettine Olive Oil 200g

Bruschetta is the traditional Italian antipasto (starter dish). These Bruschettine Olive Oil, are savory biscuits from Campania, Italy - ideal for light snack or to accompany a great wine!

I Contadini Sun dried tomatoes pate 230g

Try it spread on bruschetta topped with mozzarella cheese, drizzled with olive oil, and grilled, then garnished with a basil leaf. Or stir into soups and sauces, pasta and risotto.

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Red Olives Leccine by I contadini 230g

The Leccine Red Olives, savory and tasty, lend flavor to appetizers, salads, fish or meat recipes. They match with cheeses and cold cuts in appetizers and are suitable for garnishing all your dishes. Excellent for the preparation of pizzas and focaccia. In Apulian cuisine never fail.

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Breadsticks "CVM" - Grissini Rustici Black Olives 200g

Casa Vecchio Mulino artisans make these breadsticks using the best quality ingredients for the best natural result. Rustic Black Olives Grissini are made with the same ingredients of Classic Breadsticks with the addition of black olive pieces. A real treat you will love as part of your antipasto courses or during Aperitivo time with a glass of wine.

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Truffle Chips Tartuflanghe - White Truffle & Honey Mustard 45g

Truffle Chips by Tartuflanghe combine the real white truffle and gourmet mustard with acacia honey. Perfect golden and slightly thicker than ordinary chips, they are excellent with aged cheese, to dip in sauce, or as a base for finger foods.

Dolci Pensieri Fig Salami 200g

Fig "salami" is a dense, dried fig loaf traditional in Italy since the 13th century. Hovering between sweet and savory, this chewy log of deliciousness can sub in for jam or chutney on bread, toast, or crackers, with nuts or dessert, and definitely with wine.

Matilde Vicenzi Grisbi Double Chocolate Biscuits 150g0

Grisbi are a biscuit made of delicious chocolate cream enclosed in a casket of crumbly short pastry.

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Chopping Board Acacia Wood

This chopping board will complement a kitchen cookware. You can use it to slice or serve mini treats such as cheese or buttered bread.

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Cane Woven Hamper Tray Oval Natural

Made from cane material, this hamper tray is in an oval shape.

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Product Description

The healthiest Aperitivo, in every sense, is "alcohol-free" but full of taste.
The style, the elegance, the history, the innovation, the design of the Italian Bar, the atmosphere of the province of Belpaese are the common thread between the moment to recharge your batteries and find wellness. With a light snack and a special atmosphere, the break becomes a search for well-being without renouncing Glamor.

The real Italian appetizer is timeless and offers drinks with low alcohol content and traditional dishes and snacks.

In this hamper, we have recreated the goodness of the true Italian Aperitivo without renouncing the freshness and bubbles with San Giorgio Sparkling water and the delicious Asco Ginger Beer a mix of natural ginger and lime juice.

As an accompaniment to these delicious drinks could not miss the mixed vegetables Big Appetizer from Salento to combine with our Bruschette and Grissini Black Olives.

At Domus Rutli we have also prepared some sweet and delicious treats as Dolci Pensieri Fig Salami and the Grisbi Biscuits stuffed with fantastic Double Chocolate Cream.

Alla Salute!


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