Cantina Pugliese & Nibbles Gift Hamper

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The unique taste of white wine combined with a selection of our best artisan products.

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White Wine History Fiano Puglia 750ml

White Wine History Fiano: straw yellow with slight green reflections; complex bouquet (honey, acacia, quince), fresh and fruity, intense on the palate persistent, fruity with hints of peach; elegant with good balance. Excellent with fish, seafood. Excellent as an appetizer.

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Truffle Chips Tartuflanghe - White Truffle & Honey Mustard 45g

Truffle Chips by Tartuflanghe combine the real white truffle and gourmet mustard with acacia honey. Perfect golden and slightly thicker than ordinary chips, they are excellent with aged cheese, to dip in sauce, or as a base for finger foods.

Tarallini Olive Oil La Superiore 200g

Tarallini Olive Oil are savory biscuits from Campania, Italy - ideal for a light snack or to accompany a great wine!

Mini Breadsticks - Grissinetti Tomato & Herbs 200g

Mini Breadsticks Grissinetti Tomato & Herbs by La Superiore are savory biscuits from Campania, Italy - ideal for a light snack or to accompany a great wine!

Pate Mediterranean Costa Ligure 135g

Mediterranean pate produced in the sunny region of Liguria, in the far north of Italy.  Made with tomato extract, olive oil, capsicums, basil, capers and anchovies is a mouthwatering pate perfect for dips and crackers. Who buys it really brings home a piece of Italy.

Baci Di Dama (Lady's Kisses) Lemon La Superiore 200g

Baci di Dama are filled with a delicious combination of lemon and dark chocolate cream. Known as "the most romantic biscuits", the name alludes to the original, shape: two semi-spherical biscuits sandwiched together with a drop of dark chocolate resembling two lips intent on giving a kiss.

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Stainless Steel Corkscrew with Wooden Handle

.High Quality Wood Handle Professional Wine Opener Multifunction Portable Screw Corkscrew Wine Bottle Opener Cook Tools.

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Suitcase Box Kraft Brown

Featuring metal handles and an easy to use lock, this new Suitcase Box will be a fast favourite.  Made from cardboard.

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Product Description

Cantina Diomede "History" with its white wine Fiano is definitely our crown jewel. This gem comes to us from Puglia. Ray of light green game, complex, notes of honey, acacia, fresh and fruity in the direction of peach.  Suitable for fish, seafood, light meat, and good as appetizers in general as well as cheeses.

And what's better than to combine with our white wine, the delicious tarallini, a typical Apulian finger food!

Let's jump into northern Italy where the famous sweets from Piemonte are a true institution of the local tradition and conquer all the palates.

Is impossible not to be conquered by the irresistible taste of the sensual Baci di Dama, a real specialty of the town of Tortona, in the province of Alessandria, which has become famous far beyond the regional borders thanks to its delicious goodness.

The simple and tasty ingredients and the scent that will spread throughout the rooms will make the experience even more enjoyable, especially if crowned with a good glass of wine when tasting.

Your favorite wine enthusiast wants something that helps to expand his love for wine. And what object would be more meaningful and personalized than our beautiful corkscrew?

Alla Salute!

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