Vegetariano Traditional Gift Hamper

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This hamper is completely vegetarian and alcohol-free.

All the items are Italian and sourced with care! A generous and delightful gift to receive.
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J. Asco Ginger Beer 200ml

Our Ginger Beer gets its blonde opalescent colour from the extract of natural ginger. The persistent and unmistakable aroma of the citrus notes make it the ideal mixer for sparkling cocktails. Visit the website for cocktail recipes!

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Spaghetti Organic "Handwrapped" Venturino 1kg

Spaghetti Organic Venturino are hand packaged in a 500g paper packet tied off with ribbon. Artisan Pasta produced from 100% durum wheat semolina. Authentic Italian Made.

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I Contadini "Il Sugo" ready sauce with celline olives 250g

Cellina's olive groves interpret the whole landscape of Salento with their majesty. The small tasty fruits are a delicacy, which is not only used for the prized Pugliese oil.

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Pesto Tartufo (Truffle) Costa Ligure 135g

Pesto al Tartufo (truffle pesto) produced in the sunny region of Liguria, in the far north of Italy! Pesto Tartufo is made from the simplest of ingredients for the purest of tastes. Great with pasta, on a pizza and for seasoning potatoes and fish.

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Dried Onions Vincotto by I Contadini 230g

This kind of onion is a very sweet one with unmistakable taste. Perfect with white meat or cheese. Excellent as appetizer and into typical Apulian rustic cakes. Really surprising on pizza: it likes to children too!

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Olive Oil Extra Virgin Italian Fiasco Bottle 500ml

Ranieri 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Taste the passion of 3 generations of Umbrian olive oil connoisseurs. Oleificio Ranieri making fine olive oils since 1884.

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Mini Breadsticks - Grissinetti Tomato & Herbs 200g

Mini Breadsticks Grissinetti Tomato & Herbs by La Superiore are savory biscuits from Campania, Italy - ideal for a light snack or to accompany a great wine!

Natural Woven Basket Round Grey Wash

This round basket is woven around a wire frame, making it durable and sturdy. Includes beautiful handles for easy lifting.

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Product Description

"Vegetariano" is the main characteristic of this basket, and the gem of this hamper is definitely our beautifully wrapped Organic Spaghetti, accompanied by Ready Sauce with Celline Olives and Truffle Pesto, the base for all Italian tomato sauces. We have also added our special Ranieri Extra Italian Virgin Olive Oil to make your dishes and your Appetizers more special.
Spaghetti is one of the most popular Italians foods, managing to capture the imagination and attention of everyone who tried to eat it or cook it.
Why are Spaghetti and Pasta good for you:
  • Pasta has a rich content of fiber, which manages to satisfy your hunger and enable your body to store energy easily.
  • Pasta’s nutrients and calories ratio are much more oriented to the nutrient side. With only 4 calories per gram, eating spaghetti or other pasta products will not wreak havoc on your beauty line (that is of course if you watch what kind of toppings you use).
  • If you want to eat healthy, without straining your organism with heavy food, pasta is your solution.
As a corollary, we introduced a wide range of products of our beloved Italy, like Mini Breadsticks Tomato and Herbs and  Apulian Wild Onion, to taste as an appetizer or as a side dish.
To conclude, to give a touch of freshness, you will find a bottle of Asco Ginger Beer.

Buon Appetito!

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