Nibbles & Red Wine – Relaxing Gift Hamper

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A feast of delicious Italian products awaits the lucky recipient of this popular hamper.

A fail-safe choice for any savory fan.
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Primitivo Puglia Messapi IGP 750ml

Primitivo Puglia: intense ruby red color with violet reflections, intense, fruity (red fruits). Full-bodied, soft, quite tannic, harmonious. Ready to drink. Excellent with rich first courses and red meat also goes well with game and medium-seasoned cheeses.

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Pate Mediterranean Costa Ligure 135g

Mediterranean pate produced in the sunny region of Liguria, in the far north of Italy.  Made with tomato extract, olive oil, capsicums, basil, capers and anchovies is a mouthwatering pate perfect for dips and crackers. Who buys it really brings home a piece of Italy.

Breadsticks "CVM" - Grissini Rustici Black Olives 200g

Casa Vecchio Mulino artisans make these breadsticks using the best quality ingredients for the best natural result. Rustic Black Olives Grissini are made with the same ingredients of Classic Breadsticks with the addition of black olive pieces. A real treat you will love as part of your antipasto courses or during Aperitivo time with a glass of wine.

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Lampascioni alla Pugliese - wild onions "I Contadini" 230g

Lampascioni are a wild fruit that grows between 5 and 10 cm below the ground. They are washed thoroughly, lightly cooked with water and vinegar and manually cleaned with a knife. Finally, they are dressed in fresh mint and chili and placed in glass jars with extra virgin olive oil from Apulia.

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Tarallini Olive Oil La Superiore 200g

Tarallini Olive Oil are savory biscuits from Campania, Italy - ideal for a light snack or to accompany a great wine!

Mini Breadsticks - Grissinetti Tomato & Herbs 200g

Mini Breadsticks Grissinetti Tomato & Herbs by La Superiore are savory biscuits from Campania, Italy - ideal for a light snack or to accompany a great wine!

Dolci Pensieri Fig Salami 200g

Fig "salami" is a dense, dried fig loaf traditional in Italy since the 13th century. Hovering between sweet and savory, this chewy log of deliciousness can sub in for jam or chutney on bread, toast, or crackers, with nuts or dessert, and definitely with wine.

Matilde Vicenzi Cantuccini 225g

Traditional Italian cantuccini (almond biscuits) in gold bag.

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Stainless Steel Corkscrew with Wooden Handle

.High Quality Wood Handle Professional Wine Opener Multifunction Portable Screw Corkscrew Wine Bottle Opener Cook Tools.

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Cane Woven Hamper Tray Oval Natural

Made from cane material, this hamper tray is in an oval shape.

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Product Description

"Nibbles and Red Wine" contains a bit of everything to satisfy the desire of sweet and savory, a little thought that will not disappoint. 
A basket designed and created with the idea of making you discover the real Italian flavors, passing from Sardegna to Abruzzo up to the magnificent terra Pugliese with our Lampascioni, typically seen on the Apulian table as an accompaniment to salumi and cold cuts as well as in soups, salads and deep-fried as snacks, great to taste with the delicious Grissini Rustico Black Olives or with the Tarallini!
This basket will surely be appreciated, nobody says no to a gift, however, it must be said, when we find something interesting inside, the satisfaction is much greater. 
In the same way, when we are the ones to offer as gifts to someone, it is important to carefully choose the content, both to avoid embarrassment and not to seem trivial. The fundamental rule is therefore to select original products, able to surprise, but also of great quality. And that's exactly what we do here at Rutili's venue.

The pleasure of sipping excellent wine, combined with our delicious nibbles in good company or even alone in front of the TV comfortably relaxed on your sofa with a good book.

Your favorite wine enthusiast wants something that helps to expand his love for wine. And what object would be more meaningful and personalized than our beautiful corkscrew?

Alla Salute!


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