Sweetness & Light “Tarallucci e Vino” Gift Basket

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Nothing can replace the pleasure of a glass of wine accompanied by our artisan delights!

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White Wine History Fiano Puglia 750ml

White Wine History Fiano: straw yellow with slight green reflections; complex bouquet (honey, acacia, quince), fresh and fruity, intense on the palate persistent, fruity with hints of peach; elegant with good balance. Excellent with fish, seafood. Excellent as an appetizer.

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Tarallini Olive Oil La Superiore 200g

Tarallini Olive Oil are savory biscuits from Campania, Italy - ideal for a light snack or to accompany a great wine!

Stainless Steel Corkscrew with Wooden Handle

.High Quality Wood Handle Professional Wine Opener Multifunction Portable Screw Corkscrew Wine Bottle Opener Cook Tools.

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Willow Basket with Handle Round Natural

This natural willow basket is versatile as a flower girl's basket, as well as a lolly basket for Halloween and Easter eggs.

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Product Description

I did research on research to find a way to express the same idea in English, and sweetness and light give a conception of its meaning.
"Tarallucci and wine" is a way of saying originates in the South, as can be guessed from the reference to "tarallucci", one of the typical dishes of the southern tradition.

Tarallucci are circular biscuits, similar to small donuts, variously flavored, with a sweet or salty taste depending on the regions and cultures. But, more importantly, they were served on the table at the time of the appetizer or at the end of the meal, together with a glass of wine.

The protagonist on the table is taralluccio Pugliese, the variant made with olive oil, flour, wine or brandy, fennel seeds, and chili pepper, for the spicy touch.

In this hamper, you can find one of our best wine selection, a White Wine History Fiano di Puglia and Tarallini Olive Oil.

Your favorite wine enthusiast wants something that helps to expand his love for wine. And what object would be more meaningful and personalized than our beautiful corkscrew?

According to historical sources, the first taralluccio is dated around 1400, when not all the houses had an oven: therefore, on holidays, the women were lining up at the public oven to put their baking pan in these cookies, but in most cases they were tasted in taverns, accompanying them with wine, as an appetizer.

In the peasant houses, then, the custom arises of offering tarallucci and wine to guests, a sign of cordiality and friendship. The expression refers to a convivial, friendly and serene atmosphere. Literally, then, "Tarallucci e Vino", indicates a happy ending at the end of a complex situation, like a quarrel between friends who, fortunately, resolves peacefully.

Alla Salute!

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