Artisan and Historical Italian Producers

At Domus Rutili we are inspired by the true values passed down for generations, we look at the future not forgetting the flavors of our land.

Traditional trades, those who are made with hands, the trades that you can’t learn at the university, but handed down from father to son, never go out of fashion.

Artisan and Historical Italian Producers

The Italian economy is characterized by artisans – adults or young people – that produce wealth, thanks to the wisdom of an art that has made the Bel Paese’s artifacts great all over the world.

These realities represent an Italy that works, that creates and that does not get down in front of the difficulties even when they are devastating.

On the one hand, there are the craft industries that continue their business as they used, in a completely traditional way, and on the other hand, those that have a strong digital component and who try to ride the wave of innovation without ever forgetting their roots.

Both realities are characterized by a strong abdication to work, their technique is acquired with hours and hours of field experience, the products are created thanks to the passion that expert hands are able to transform into tangible objects.

Another distinctive feature of the trade sector is the strong link with the territory. For the artisan, the local component is very important: it is in this way, that they contribute to giving to the production, identity, value, and quality.

The local character serves to attract small-town centers, lovers of artifacts from all over the world, giving life to what is commonly known as artistic tourism.

Artisan Bread


In spite of the romantic halo that surrounds it, the artisan trade is strongly oriented towards the future: it requires high professional standards, constant updates, a deep knowledge of raw materials and a perfect mastery of the preparation techniques and, in the culinary field how to preserving food.

Many of us are constantly looking for refined dishes that satisfy us by marveling with rich food in new flavors and aromas.

Often the best dishes are those that follow the tradition of a region or a specific area, where simple recipes have been handed down and consolidated but closely linked to the people and history of those who lived there.

Artisan Panettone

So the true taste of food in the kitchen is given by the raw materials of that territory, and by the technique with which meat, fish, vegetables and desserts are prepared, following recipes refined with the taste and imagination of those who created them.

In Italy, we have the immense fortune to have a very rich treasure of raw materials for variety and quality, coming from the sea, countryside, and mountains, different in each region. This treasure trove of products has allowed us to cook with taste paying attention to combine the ingredients respecting the characteristics.

Adopting the proper cooking technique of a food is essential to enhance the aromas and enhance the perception of the palate also playing on consistency, crispness or softness that translates into sensory emotions.

Italian Bruschetta


Eating a good dish is a real pleasure of life that brings well-being and satisfaction; this happens only if behind these preparations there are people who with passion and knowledge express what they have in their hearts.


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