Gift Hamper beautifully crafted

Have you ever wondered where the habit of donating a Gift Hamper comes from?

It is a tradition coming from the past, the result of post-war decades in which our ancestors had to deal with poverty and lack of food.

While Italy tried to recover, to get away from the so-called “monster of hunger” took the custom to give baskets full of unique delicacies.

Old Tradition Basket

In the past, the famous basket was made with delicacies present on its farm and with homemade products. But it was not given to anyone, rather it was given to “famous” and important people like their family doctor, the parish priest or the mayor.

Over the years, the gift basket has become a means of thanksgiving for festivities and occasions.

Christmas Gift Hamper

Whether it’s a relative, in-laws, a work colleague or a friend who lives far away, with the gift baskets you go on the safe side: you can compose according to your tastes and preferences and, not secondary, according to its own economic availability, without this disfiguring. The important thing is to choose carefully and, why not, also with a hint of originality the products, to give a personal touch to the gift.

So let’s see what a gift basket should contain!

The thing that really cannot miss in a gift basket is a bottle of wine: to accompany the aperitif, the meal or the dessert, it is a classic gift but always much appreciated.

Bottle of Wine Gift

Another must for the gift basket is pasta, better if of biological origin or a regional specialty.
With pasta, you could add a particular sauce with which to accompany it: choose something that matches with the pasta you chose, perhaps coming from the same regional tradition or a gourmet sauce.

Spaghetti al Pomodoro Gift Hamper


Inevitable at the end of every meal like a gift basket is a touch of sweetness.

Dolce Vita Gift Hamper


Finally, always enter something that, once you have eaten all the contents of the basket, can remain to the loved one as a souvenir of the gift: for example a trivet, a chopping board, a placeholder, a corkscrew or a candle: they will make your gift unforgettable!



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