Amaretti Biscuits: All the Sweetness In a Christmas Hamper

Christmas is coming, and we are all on our best behavior and especially with a sweet tooth. So, banning diets and free way to some sweet concession to share with the ones we love.

In order to best embody the sweeter spirit of Christmas, we have added the highest quality confectionery products to our Christmas baskets, perfect for cheering up the parties with gluttony and authenticity.

For our hampers, we have selected high-quality desserts such as the flavoured almond Amaretti Biscuits, soft macaroons that since 1860 have cheered the more refined palates. Extremely loved, they have won numerous awards and their unmistakable taste makes them truly irresistible.

We thought to the sweet tooth by dedicating them a Gift Hamper entirely made with high-quality confectionery products, from the classic Panettone with Amaretti cookies to the finest chocolate truffles. Domus Rutili was born to bring sweetness to the homes who will choose our baskets for their family, customers, friends, and relatives.

For those who want to combine a savory note with the sweet note of the flavoured almond Amaretti Biscuits, we thought to a complete and captivating Gift as Appetizer All Around Italy Hamper.

Appetizer All Around Italy Hamper

For those who want to make more important gifts but always in the name of the sweetness flavoured almond Amaretti Biscuits, we thought to a very rich gift Dolce Vita Gift Hamper & White Wine.

Dolce Vita Gift Hamper & White Wine

Now it’s up to you to choose the one best suited to your needs, for a gift of pure satisfaction or for a sweet cuddle to savor in the family.

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